Price Guide



Any graphics file, hard copy, hand drawn artwork, or link to your web site where your logo appears, will be accepted.  You must own the rights to, or have written permission to use, any copyrighted or trademarked work.

If you have had your logo designed by a professional graphic artist, they should be able to provide you with the Pantone Color number/s.  If you are unable to get these numbers, we will work with you to find the right color match.  These numbers are used for screen printing, business card, signs, embroidery, etc.  Embroidery threads are not available in all Pantone Colors.

What is a digitized file?  It is a computerized file created with a CAD program specifically written for the embroidery industry.  The software converts your design to a code the embroidery machine can read.  Embroidery Hub uses Wilcom ES Designer software to create the code and a Tajima embroidery machine to read it.

Supplied Files:  Any design file on disk that has been digitized by another company can be used, but it will require editing.  Even files using identical machines and software usually need editing due to the use of different settings.  If you were satisfied with the work of another company, the design will not be changed -- usually -- only an edit  will be done to adjust settings needed to make the final product look the same -- or better.

Re-Digitizing Supplied Files:  Wilcom software can read and convert all embroidery file extensions.  Occasionally,  your supplied file will be corrupted or unreadable.  Or you may have been supplied with a file other than the final one used for the embroidery -- this may happen with a company that does not charge you for the copy.  In these instances, the design will need to be re-digitized.
A high stitch count and large design size will increase the cost.  The more items you have embroidered, the less it will cost.  There are no set-up fees or handling charges.  Embroidery Hub reserves the right to request partial payment, or payment in full before beginning work on your order.

Quotes:   A quote is free.  There are three parts to a quote.  Your initial quote is based on all three of these factors.
  1. Embroidery only -- cost of stitching out your design on each item, a charge that is always included on your invoice.
  2. Item Cost --  It is not required that you order the items from us, however, please ask for a quote before you purchase your items elsewhere.  We usually can get the same, or comparable, item at the same cost or even less.  Embroidery Hub does not sell un-embellished  items.
  3. Digitizing and/or Editing - For dizitizing new  files, a one-time only digitizing charge - per file - may be shown on your first invoice.  In the case of a file supplied by another company an editing charge may be applied.   An editing charge may also apply if you request changes to a file previously digitized by Embroidery Hub.
Optional Costs:  The following miscellaneous costs may be applied as noted -- per customer request/s for optional services:
  • Designing - one-time fee for creating new artwork to be digitized later; usually invoiced separately.  The majority of customers do not need this service.  This is not a digitizing fee, which is a separate charge..
  • Design File Copy - You can request a copy of your file with a ".dst" or ".emb" extension. You will be charged $150.00 for a copy of this file.  A request for this file can be made at any time after your order is completed.  This is not a digitizing fee, which is a separate charge.
  • Shipping -  if applicable, you pay for all  actual shipping costs we incur - per your request/s - to complete your order -- finished work, fabric swatches and garment samples, sew-outs, etc.  Shipping costs for optional services are not shown on the initial quote.  Until you request the optional service, there is no way accurately gauge the cost.
  • Item Samples - if item samples are not returned you pay full retail price plus shipping costs for each.
  • Sewn Out Samples (sew-outs) - no charge for at least the first sew-out.  Whether you are charged for additional sew-outs, and how much, depends on the size of your order and design specifications.
  • Fabric Swatches - Depending on supplier, you may or may not pay for the swatches themselves - some are free.  You do pay all shipping or postage costs.
  • Extra Thread Colors - your design can have up to 8 thread colors at no extra charge.  Most designs never use this many, but if your design requires the use of more than 8 thread colors, you will be charged $15.00 for each additional color.

MISCELLANEOUS INFORMATION (possibly more than you want to know):
  • Thread Colors:   No extra charge for eight, or fewer, thread colors.  Thread samples will be provided upon request.  Thread color selections are based on your preferences -- or -- if known, matched to the Pantone Color number, or the color number and brand of any thread that may have been used previously.  Pantone Color matching numbers are appreciated.  Most known thread brands and colors can be matched using this system.  Embroidery Hub uses a special thread, made for use in machine embroidery.
  • Screen Colors:  The colors in graphics files sent, or received, are not WYSIGIG (ie: what you see is what you get).  Please ignore the shade of the color as it appears on your computer's monitor.
  • Returns and/or Refunds: 
    • If an item is defective, or an error has been made, you will receive a replacement item only -- same style, size, and color where possible -- if the item was purchased through Embroidery Hub.  If the item is no longer available, replacement will be on an item of equal, or greater value and quality.
    • There are no refunds on embellished goods.
    • You must contact Embroidery Hub within ten days of the receipt of your order, before returning the item.
    • All items, and other specifications, are reviewed with you prior to embroidering.  Your approval is needed before work commences regarding colors, sizes, quantities, etc.
    • Customer supplied items are not returnable. See Customer Supplied Items below.
    • Embroidery Hub reserves the right to make the final determination on returns.
  • Customer Supplied Items: 
    • If the items have been worn or used, they must be cleaned prior to receipt by Embroidery Hub.  Unwashed items 'stretch' and lose shape, rendering  an uneven embroidery surface.  Well-worn items may, or may not be able to be machine embroidered.  It depends on the condition of the item, and the type of design to be embroidered on the piece.
    • If you decide to supply the items, you may be requested to provide at least 1 extra item - perhaps more on a larger order (100 or more).  The industry standard error rate is around two percent.  On orders of only one or two items, we usually get it right the first time. 
    • With customer supplied items there is usually:  no extra item on which to do test runs;  no extra item to embroider if a problem occurs; no way to gauge exactly how your fabric will sew out.  Note:  This is why many companies will not embroider on your items.  Although major problems are rare on a "get it right the first time" single item -- you should be aware that if a problem occurs -- you will not be reimbursed for the cost of the garment.
    • Customer supplied items usually have no extra charges if you remove all packaging, plastic bags, tags, or other that may interfere with the embroidery:  This includes duffle bags with removable bottom supports.  If extra preparation is needed on your customer supplied items you will be charged an additional $.50 per item.     
  • Bagging:  We can provide bagging if you need a professional looking presentation for your items.  Typically they are not bagged.  There is an extra charge for bagging items.
  • Testing Designs:  Embroidery Hub tests each design, usually more than once.  All adjustments are tested before the final embroidery on items of your choice.
  • Approval & Confirmation of Order:  If you have provided us with an email or mailing address, you will have multiple opportunities to view and approve any changes to a design in progress.
  • Caring for Embroidery: 
    • Do not iron directly over embroidery, use a press cloth or iron on backside.
    • Set iron to Polyester/Rayon, or lowest steam setting possible.
    • Do not use regular bleach, use a 'colorsafe' product only.
    • Do not wash with zippered items.
    • Before washing, close zippers on embroidered goods.
    • Before washing turn item inside out.

VISA or MASTERCARD are accepted at no extra cost to you.  You may also pay by personal/business checking, money order, or bank draft.  If requested, some orders may be secured with a credit card to verify ability to pay.  For first time customers, Embroidery Hub reserves the right to request partial payment, or payment in full before beginning work on your order. You pay no set-up fees or handling charges.

To see the most common selections available for the embroidery market, go to:  Embroidery Hub's Online Catalog

Didn't find what you need at Company Casuals?  Other merchandize sources are available.  The easiest way to get what you need is to ask.  Please call if you are looking for specialized items, such as lab coats, coveralls, or  uniforms -- in sports, cheerleading, dance, martial arts, etc.

Most customers know exactly what they need, or have a good description.  All recommendations provided will be within your price range.

It is not required that you order the items through Embroidery Hub, however, please ask for a quote before you purchase your items elsewhere -- especially if you plan to purchase in quantity for your group.  The same items can be acquired at the same cost, or for less.

If you supply the items:  there is no extra charge.  Depending on quantity, you may be asked to provide at least 1 extra item.  The industry standard error rate is approximately 2 percent.

Embroidery Hub does not sell un-embellished  items.

The Price Guide gives you a best guess look at how much it may cost.  The Price Guide page will give you a close idea of how much you will pay.  If you are going to call for a quote, please provide as much information as you can.  There is additional information under Embroidery Costs.

A typical quote consists of three parts:  1. Item Cost;  2. Embroidery Cost, and 3. Digitizing and/or Edit Cost.

If you request quote for the embroidery and digitizing/edit charges only, please provide as with as much of the following information as you can.

  1. What your design looks like:  In short -- email us your jpeg, gif, or any other graphics file, or provide a link to your home page where your design is located.  We need a VERY good description of, but preferrably a picture, of what you want embroidered.  A faxed copy will do as a last resort.  Or bring in an item that is already embroidered -- even if you don't like the quality -- you'll have the chance to change what you don't like.
  2. Whether you will provide a previously digitized file on disk, or if your design will need digitizing.  Edits are usually required if the file was digitized by another company.  If you did not like the quality, we may be able to fix the existing file.  Sometimes it is easier, and less costly, just to re-digitize the design.
  3. The type of item to be embroidered, if known.  Do you need woven cotton shirts, heavy or lightweight fleece, lightweight knit polos, hats, etc?  The fabric influences the number of stitches that must be used to get good coverage on some fabrics.  Polar fleece or corduroy need more stitches and more materials used for embroidering..
  4. How many items you need embroidered - this will greatly change the cost.
  5. Where the embroidery will be placed on the item, ie left chest, back, center front, etc.
  6. The location on the item that you want the design embroidered.  The left chest is approximately 4"x2" -- backs 10"x4."
If you are also requesting a quote for purchasing items to embroider:
  • Provide the item numbers from the Company Casuals site - OR -
  • Provide other identifying and/or descriptive infomation about the item you need.  Recommendations will be provided to you based on those needs.
  • The quality and price range of the item you are considering.  For example, if you request a quote for 100% heavyweight cotton t-shirts in grey, you will be provided with several options within that range.  Lesser quality give-aways, such as basic hats or t-shirts for a convention, are cheaper to purchase than hats or shirts for corporate employees.

You can request to see a sew-out of your design.  You can also request fabric samples, or to examine the whole item.  If an order is canceled, or no order is placed, all costs related to the samples will be passed on to you.  A deposit or credit card may be required to secure payment.  If you have purchased your items elsewhere, and want a sample sew-out on one of the items, be aware that you will need one extra item for us to use for this sample.
  • Sew-Outs:  All orders receive one sew-out at no charge, if requested.  This sew-out will not be on the actual item/s you have selected.  If you need to see a sample sew-out on the whole garment, or other item, before placing an order -- you will be responsible for all costs to acquire the item/s.  There are no refunds or credits on embroidered samples.  Embroidered samples do not need to be returned.
Fabric Swatches:  You may ask for as many swatches as you need.  You pay for all shipping charges, so it is advisable to request samples of each item you are interested in all at one time.  Swatches do not need to be returned.  Fabric swatches may not be available on some items. 
  • Whole Garments or Other Items:  You may also ask to see the whole unembroidered garment or item.  For each sample item requested, we will ask for a deposit covering the retail price (refundable if unembroidered) and the shipping cost (not refundable) for each item.  All unembroidered samples must be returned and received by Embroidery Hub within 10 days of the date you receive the sample, otherwise you pay full retail price in addition to the shipping costs.  You will be charged only for the shipping if the sample is returned within the ten day window.